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 Links To Related Ford Sites

This site contains links to other Internet sites. These links are not endorsements of any products or services contained on such sites. No information on these sites has been endorsed or approved by the Queensland Early Ford V8 Club Inc.

  Ford Flathead V8 Engine  Identify your engine & the vehicles they came in   
  Early Ford Club of America Early Ford Club of America  
  C & G Early Ford Parts  Early Ford Parts   
  Pre War Cars  Pre War Cars & Parts   
  Ford Reproduction Parts Site contains some history and many pictures of lovely cars, Fords included.   
  Brake parts and other pieces  Improve braking with NZ made parts. Most recent address added.  
  Ford Reproduction Parts  Bob Drake   
  Lots of Reading on Flatheads  Articles and technical information on flatheads from 1932 to 1954.   
  Plenty of material on flatheads. Lots of specific and general information covering all flatheads.   
  Wide range of makes and models. Plenty of pictures of early vehicles.  
  Cars that have been seen in movies Pictures of a wide range of cars that have featured in movies. Select the makes you want to see.  
  Flathead site with many further links Lots of other sites to go to from here. Try 'links and sources'. Hours of reading here.  
  Cars and parts for sale Contains access to a mountain of information on early Fords. Hours of reading to be had.  
  Ford Clubs in Australia  Lists some Ford Clubs plus links to other sites and other Clubs.   
  Access to many sites  Click on picture' Johns old cars and truck pictures', scroll to Moes Garage, has links to sites   
   Forums plus other Ford info  Go to discussion forum by clicking on 'Click here' on home page  
  Books and other info British Site but has lots of info on Fords and lots of sites to access  
  Qld Historic Motoring Council Lots of information on this site that relates to us.  
  Early Ford V8 Club of NSW Early Ford V8 Club of NSW  
  Early Ford V8 Club of Victoria Early Ford V8 Club of Victoria  
  Early Ford V8 Club of South Aust Early Ford V8 Club of South Australia  
49-59 Ford Customline Car Club of Victoria
Customline Car Club  
   Lincoln and Continental owners Club USA  Lincoln and Continental owners Club  
  Ford Barn A forum you can register on and then ask questions and get answers and read other information.  
  Early Ford V8 Foundation and Museum A wealth of information on flatheads.  
  Ray Nacewicz Enterprises Ltd Good source for hard to get pieces to complete a good restoration.  
  Vern Tardel Hot Rods Has interesting newsletters, deals with flatheads and sells parts of interest. Worth a read.  
  Lincoln Zephyr Club USA Lincoln Zephyr Club USA  
  National Woodie Club of America  Woodie Club USA  
   American Automove web site  Contains an article on the Ford assembly line and links to other sites. Lots of good reading  
  Classic cars in South Africa Site contains some history and many pictures of lovely cars, Fords included.  


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