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The Queensland Early Ford V-8 Club Inc. made its humble beginning with 10 dedicated V-8 Ford enthusiasts gathering under a highset home in Grovely on the 31st January, 1976. We have come a long way since then, and our club, through the efforts of its members over the years, has earned respect within the 'OLD CAR' movement.


The objectives of the Club are

[a]  To promote the authentic restoration, use and exhibition of Ford Products from the years 1932-1954 inclusive.

[b]  To assist members in locating, restoring and maintaining their vehicles.

[c]  To encourage and sponsor social activities for members and their families.

[d]  To co-operate with other clubs and associations with similar aims.


[1]  'Authentic' is the description of a genuine standard production vehicle, identical in all respects to that offered by the Ford Motor Company, in the year of the vehicles manufacture.

[2]  Although the Club has a V-8 title, it automatically includes all Ford Motor Company vehicles powered by various engines offered by Ford from 1932-1954 including Mercury and Lincoln vehicles.

[3]  A combination of factors including, a desire to improve vehicle safety, ability to travel more safely in modern traffic, availability of some parts, availability of more affective options than originally fitted, etc, has led to the Club embracing, what it describes as 'Touring Class Vehicles'. A fixed definition is difficult, but such a vehicle must at least be powered by an engine from our era and display external features that, in appearance, are little removed from the original.